Sustainability at Kryolan

The topic of sustainability is becoming more and more important. Climate change is progressing at an enormous speed, and everyone can play their part to stop it as best as they can.
Maybe you found your way here via our QR code on one of our new Kryolan parcel boxes. Or perhaps you are simply interested in sustainability in our company and have clicked directly on this article.

In any case, we are pleased that you are enthusiastic about the topic because we can no longer imagine life without sustainability. Every single decision we make as a company and as people should be a decision for the continuation of our earth.

We will show you how we deal with this topic at Kryolan:

Careful use of our resources

The first measure we took was to put a wastewater treatment plant into operation back in 1995. This means that oily and greasy components are removed from the wastewater before they enter the sewage system. This plant was last renewed and modernized in 2015.

We produce our own electricity

In 2010, the first photovoltaic system with a total of 761 solar modules was installed on the roofs of our Berlin headquarters. In 2015, another 244 modules were added. Together with a combined heat and power plant installed in 2015, we already manage to generate more electricity at our German sites than we consume. Calculated on average over the last three years, we have produced 2.7% more electricity than we have consumed. This corresponds to a CO2 reduction of around 287 metric tons. We are also currently analyzing the use of hydrogen to generate electricity at our Berlin site.

A photovoltaic system has also been installed at the production site in Chennai, India. This helps us to reduce our annual electricity requirements by around 10%.

Animal welfare is important to us

All products that Kryolan manufactures and sells have never been and will never be tested on animals. In addition, we do not commission or source any ingredients that are tested on animals. This is a top concern because animal welfare is important to us.

Paper instead of plastic

We also want to reduce packaging waste. By reusing transport boxes or paper bags used in our stores since 2017, we are doing something good for the environment. We also refrain from cellophaning products such as the HD or Private Care series. In 2022, we plan to further reduce the plastic content of our packaging and will switch to cardboard blisters with viewing windows. These can be disposed of via the wastepaper garbage can. Calculated over five years, this will save us around 650 kg of plastic waste.

Our material cycle

In the future, we will pay more attention to using primary packaging made from recycled (so-called PCR plastics) or recyclable materials wherever possible.
For example, we will be switching the packaging for our Dermacolor series to plastics with PCR content. These can then also be recycled back into the material cycle.


When it comes to mobility, we are also trying to make our contribution to combating global warming. Among other things, we are therefore focusing on alternative drive systems such as electromobility in inner-city traffic.

Finally, it is essential for us to say that as a company, we are committed to making our world a better place. Wherever possible, we contribute to this. Nevertheless, our hands are sometimes tied due to official requirements. For example, when it comes to dispensing with folding cartons. As a cosmetics company, we are obliged to provide specific product information.

The optimizations already implemented and targeted are only a part of those planned for this decade. We continue to work to support our planet, and we hope so do you.