How to

Trendlook SS21 Look 1

Step 1Firstly, 070G and G82G from the Shimmering Vision Palette 18 Colors (Standard) are mixed together to create a light yet still vibrant custom shade of blue. This is applied all over the mobile lid, into the inner corner, and blended both up to the brow and out towards the temple to elongate the shaping of the eye. Eye Shadow Matt (caribbean) is then applied to the center of the lid and blended up to create more density of color and therefore giving a soft fade from the lid to the edging of the eye shadow. A light layer of Eye Shadow Matt (azure) is then applied on top of this to match with the detail later applied to both the hands and ear. To finish the eye make-up, a light coating of Lash Innovation Mascara (black) is applied to both top and bottom eyelashes.
Step 2Detail to the ear is then added using the same Eye Liner (white) and Eye Shadow Matt Refill (azure). Linework and dots are applied using a fine liner brush to achieve ultimate precision.
Step 3The white detail is then added to the hands with Eye Liner (white). Linework and small dots are placed onto the hand using a fine tip brush for intricate detail and embellishment. Blue detail is then drawn onto the hands to tie in and complement both the eye make-up and white detail previously applied. For this Eye Shadow Matt (azure) is scraped and placed onto a mixing plate, and a few drops of Cake Eye Liner Sealer are then added to create a thin self-setting liquid which is then applied using a fine tip brush to add further detail and decoration to the design.

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